XTL - Cross Platform Template Library

XTL is a library designed to be used for multi-platform related projects.
It consists of a set of C++ headers covering common as well as specific functionality needed by various programming related tasks.

As the name implies it's based on templates which makes it obvious that you won't find any C++ files in the sources.
It uses compile time policies to implement the platform related functionality. One benefit from this in turn is that you don't need to build it. Just include the appropriate headers into your project and start using it.
The current implementation is limited to the Windows platform but will be extended in the future.

While using various open source projects in the past and getting a lot of benefits from those, it was always annoying to fight with various flavors of make-files, different build prerequisites or at least compiler flags used.
You don't need to care about that when using XTL - you define how you like to build it.

Currently the implementation is limited to the Windows platform but it will be extended in the future to cover Unix style operating systems.

If you like to give it a try get XTL at the download section.

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