CypherCode is basically a notepad-like utility for the Windows platform.

It has been tested on Windows XP as well as Windows Vista, however I don't see any reason why it shouldn't work on a fully patched Windows 2000 or Windows NT 4.0.
If anyone runs such legacy system any feedback is welcome.

It encrypts content entered in it's view using strong cryptography.
As it was designed with portability in mind it comes in form of a single binary without the necessity of a setup. It can therefore be launched e.g. from an USB-stick.
The secured content is not stored in a separate file but in the binary itself. So it's a quite good solution to carry your passwords, login data or other sensitive information securely.

The cipher algorithm used is 256 bit AES (aka Rijndael) in CFB mode. So believing Lenstra's model from 2004 your data should stay secure until the year 2282.
If your life expectation is above that date you might want to consider not to use this software ;-)

The software internally works with UNICODE so there shouldn't be any issues with different languages or charsets. For the sake of size and speed all data is converted to UTF8 before encrypting and storing the whole mess.

Unlike a regular (crypto) application which usually stores encrypted content in separate file CypherCode uses a different approach. The encrypted content is stored in the binary itself. So you only need to copy the CypherCode binary (CypherCode.exe) to an e.g. USB-stick to take all your confidential information along the road.

If you like to give it a try get CypherCode at the download section.

As a screenshot speaks louder than words here's a visual impression of CypherCode.

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